Friday, August 9, 2013

Stanton Now Attacking Riverdale Press

   How low can candidate Cliff Stanton get in the 11th City Council race to let his "Paid Political Consultant" attack someone who is not even in the race. Or is it that Mr. Stanton's strategy after not being able to rid the district of the Riverdale Review. Has Mr. Stanton now set forth his "Paid Political Consultant" to attack the political writer for the Bronx News. 

  Riverdale resident Robert Press political columnist for the Bronx News has been attacked in a e-mail blast by Mr. Anthony Rivieccio "Paid Political Consultant" to 11th City Council candidate Cliff Stanton. Mr. Press spoke to candidate Cliff Stanton's campaign manager Jennifer Firestone about the matter, and was told that the campaign had no control over Mr. Rivieccio. 

  Mr. Stanton has said "I just do things", and apparently does not care what he or those in his employ do.

  Mr. Press replies that if Cliff Stanton is going to have his "Paid Political Consultant" attack me, Mr. Stanton won't have to worry about being called "Strip Club Stanton" by the owner of the Riverdale Review. 

  There are 30 days left to the September 10th Democratic primary Mr. Stanton, do you want to call off your "Hired Goon", and apologize for him? 



  1. I thought that Anthony Rivieccio and Robert Press were political buddies, like two peas from the same pod. What happened?

    1. You could not be any farther away from reality.
      What Mr. Rivieccio is can not be described, but he always seems to make a race interesting with his many different endorsements.
      Most in the same race.

    2. It's a thin line between love and hate.