Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bill deBlasio says that he will continue the fight to ban Sugary Sodas

  As for the failed ban on selling sugary sodas over 16 ounces by Mayor Bloomberg that was struck down in a lawsuit, Mayoral candidate Bill deBlasio has said that he will continue the fight in the courts to have that decision overturned.

  "I think the mayor is right and I would continue the legal process" deBlasio said in an interview. He added "the ban would help combat childhood obesity in particular". As a parent he called the fight against childhood obesity a losing battle against an enemy that is the growing with the availability of bigger and bigger sugary drinks. On the issues of health deBlasio often agrees with current Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his effort to make people eat healthier.

  Deblasio's opponent Joe Lhota is opposed to continuing the fight against sugary sodas, and the big question is how can Lhota capitalize on the issue to get votes away from deBlasio.

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