Friday, October 11, 2013

Comic Con 2013 First Look

  The day started off slow today at the Javitts Center where Comic Con 2013 is running through Sunday October 13th due to the inclement weather. As soon as the weather improved so did the crowd, and by 1:30 PM it was almost wall to wall people. Long lines at the more popular attractions had people holding "end of line" signs, and almost every booth was jammed. In the photos below you will see some of the crowd, some of the writers signing their work, and just some of those who came in costume as their favorite character.
  I did find two people from the Bronx who were a part of Comic Con 2013. Author Da'Ghen was showing some of his work, and he has a connection to Magnum Comics in North Riverdale. Also Ms. Lisa Amowitz of Riverdale the author of "Breaking Glass" a Spencer Hill Press book was at the booth along with a few other authors as you will see.


Left - Bronx author Da'Ghen sits next to some of his work.
Right - The ladies from Spencer Hill Press. Lisa Amowitz center, Jennifer Allis Provot, Sherry Ficklin, Kendra Saunders, and Jeena Jolley around Lisa.

Left & Right - Two of the many authors that were signing their work.

Former wrestlers. Left - Sergeant Slaughter. Right - Virgil.
Both were signing photos or other merchandise, for a fee however.

Left - Some people were made up into characters.
Right - Others came in full costume.
And then there were the Babes at the booths and just walking around and posing for photos below.

O. K. The daring woman in the center has to be given a lot of credit since she could be any of the other girls mother, but she came with her son.

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