Sunday, October 13, 2013

Comic Con 2013 Sunday

  Today was the final day of Comic Con 2013. I was a part of the WWE STUDIOS' HALLOWEEN HORROR INTERVIEW SESSION AND PANEL In the room from WWE studios were The Soska Sisters (Co-Directors of SEE NO EVIL 2), WWE® Superstar Kane®, WWE Superstar Hornswoggle®, Zach Lipovsky (Director of LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS), and WWE Studios President Michael Luisi. Five tables were set up for the five different WWE personal to rotate and meet everyone in the room to discuss what is coming up, and answer any questions that we had. Yes there were other members of the press at the tables, but we all were able to come away with some new insights about the WWE film company, the wrestlers we interviewed, the President of WWE Films, and others who work on the movie end of WWE Entertainment. 
  Zach Lipovsky was first at my table. Zach discussed the new WWE Films movie Leprechaun Origins which takes place in modern day with ancient looking settings. He said that the movie is pure horror that will have people jumping out of their seats. WWE wrestler Hornswaggle is the star of the movie, and Mr. Lipovsky said that the wrestlers dream is to be a video game villain. He added that it took two hours to put on Hornswaggle's make up and take it off. He then said good bye as Hornswaggle came to the table. 
  Hormswaggle said this was his first Comic Con he has attended, and that he has always wanted to do a show like it. Even before the new movie comes out he said that he would love to do a sequel to it. He has been wrestling with the WWE for seven years, and has not had any major injury. As to who Hornswaggles favorite female wrestler is he answered "all of them".
  Our next guest was WWE Superstar Kane. In answering how he has been able to stay in the WWE as long as he has Kane answered that one has to be dependable, work hard, and give it your all 100 percent of the time. There was talk of his former partner the Undertaker, and his former manager Paul Bearer whose death took a toll on Kane for a while since it was Bearer who helped Kane get back into the WWE many years ago. As for the worst match where Kane was injured, he said that it was a steel cage match with Triple H where X-Pac swung the cage door that hit Kane in the head. Kane added that he still has the scar from the match. 
  After Kane the President of WWE films Michael Luisi sat done to explain that while the wrestling if rated PG14 that the movies are generally rated R due to the gore and violence in them. He added that there is plenty of talent in the WWE to choose from, fans want a variety of action, and WWE founder Vince McMahon is still involved in the process. Mr. Luisi said that for the upcoming Wrestlemania that there will be an animated film out called Scooby Doo and the gang go to Wrestlemania with the voices of many wrestlers including current woman's wrestling champion A.J.
  The final visitors to the table were the Soska Sisters who directed Kane in his last film See No Evil II. The twin sisters said that the character Jake returns from the grave, but could only add that missed opportunities like more blood and gore are included. Answering at the same time they said that their favorite horror movie is American Psycho, and favorite video game is the new Grand Theft Auto. They said that they have learned a few wrestling moves and hope to soon battle the Bella twins on Raw or Smackdown. 
  Below are some photos of the panel, and the rest of the characters at Comic Con 2013.

Left - WWE Films President Michael Luisi.
Right - Zach Lipovsky (Director of LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS).


Left - The Soska Sisters (Co-Directors of SEE NO EVIL 2)
Right - WWE Superstar Hoenswaggle.  

Left & Right - WWE Superstar Kane. Height 7' 0 ", Weight 323 pounds, wrestling debut 1992.


Left - Wrestler Hack Saw Jim Duggin was on the Comic Con main floor signing his tradwmark 2 by 4 wood planks.
Right - The Star Wars booth with one of the characters.

Left - It may be to early for Christmas, but this Santa visited Comic Con.
Right - This guy dressed as a mermaid was here yesterday dressed as Wonder Woman.


And the rest of the visitors and the Babes.

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