Wednesday, October 16, 2013


  The newly designated Norwood Slow Zone is located in the Community Board 7 area, and was selected due to strong community support, the presence of 2 schools, 5 pre-k and head start daycare centers, and the amount of crashes in the area. On average, the area now designated as a Slow Zone had 11.8 injuries per year and 4 severe injuries or fatalities per road mile. 

  BACKGROUND: Neighborhood Slow Zones is an application-based program that creates defined areas where the speed limit is reduced from 30mph to 20mph and safety measures are added in order to adjust driver behavior on local streets. The goal of Neighborhood Slow Zones is to lower the incidence and severity of crashes and to enhance the quality of life by reducing cut-through traffic and traffic noise in residential neighborhoods. NYCDOT uses signs, markings and speed bumps to calm traffic within the Zone. 

  When asked why it two assemblymen to get this slow zone approved both answered that the slow zone area covers a part of both assembly districts. Assemblyman Dinowitz said "two is better than one". Assemblyman Gjonaj said when asked about the dividing line of the two assembly districts "there is no dividing line just one big joint district, referring to the joint effort by himself and Dinowitz.

  Others on hand in the photo below were Community Board 7 Traffic & Transportation Chair Lowell Green, CB 7 District Manager Socrates A. Caba, Mr. Roberto Garcia (representing Montifore Hospital, Community Activist Ms. Liz von Uhl, and others.


  1. Is so glad you covered this event but purplexed that we saw you at the Carrion breakfast in Bedford park and no coverage?

    1. I will quote Mr. Anthony Rivieccio "2%".
      The reason I left was because I had to go to the Slow Zone announcement, or does the NBW consider that not important.
      Is the safety of children and others not important or is a free breakfast as several of those who attended told me why there were there. Also no I did not eat anything, or have coffee or tea, nothing.
      Enough here with Carrion, he is not old news.

    2. I was told that several important people were there from out of the Bronx! So I'm sure they came for Mr Carrion-not the breakfast. I was also told his speech on education was well attended and excellent

    3. First you say that you saw me at the Carrion free breakfast event, then you say you were told several important people were there.
      Were you there or some where else like I was.
      If these people are so important why did you not mention any names? I guess the Riverdale Press will have the names if their reporter did not fall asleep while eating her free breakfast.
      Carrion on education, don't make me laugh.
      Bronx schools were at their worst under Bronx Borough President Carrion. Please ask me how bad so I can go school by school, and tell you about the politics it would take many full page articles. Then there is the Hot Sheet Motel issue under Carrion. Enough already with this looser. If you have any notion of voting for Adolfo Carrion you should write in Mickey Mouse.

  2. The NSA already knows who and what you are. You better change locations nightly.
    In all seriousness, many people really are afraid to speak out, attend rallies, sign petitions and join opposition groups.
    Just think how much freedom of the press, speech and religion are being subverted by illegal NSA and government spying.

  3. I will direct them to the NBD's and their candidates.

  4. Strip Club in RiverdaleOctober 20, 2013 at 7:41 PM

    So if schools were at the wirst under Carrion how do you defend your record as a so called educational leader in the 90's under fernando Ferrer before mayoral. Control. I made some calls to RKA (JHS141) and found out under your leadership there school scores dropped by 30%?

    1. I already know who the writer of this comment is, a graduate of JHS 141.
      Obviously by looking at your comment you were one of those children in level one.
      I have two words for you to explain failing schools in District 10 - Irma Zardoya.
      I decried the poor performance of all District 10 schools when I was a parent leader, and I even was the first to state Mayoral control was going to be the failure it has become.
      When presented with Supplemental Educational Services to children of failing schools, I told District 10 Superintendent Zardoya why would a parent want a school that is failing their child to tutor their child when the school could not do it right in the first place.
      Mr. Strip Club were you one of those NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND instructors who didn't need to be licensed to teach?