Monday, October 14, 2013

Donald Trump For NY Governor?

  It appears that the only chance according to Rochester-area Republican Assemblyman Bill Nojay for his party to win the governorship is to have NBC Television Star of the Apprentice Donald Trump be the Republican candidate. In a NY Post article the name recognition of "The Donald" is what would be banked on for Trump to say to current NY Governor Andrew Cuomo "YOUR FIRED" in 2014. Then in 2016 Trump as governor of NY Trump could launch a better campaign for President. 

  Trump has not said yes to any Republican ideas of him running for governor. However Trump was critical of Governor Andrew Cuomo, his father Mario (who Trump said was one of the worst governor of New York), and NY Attorney General Eric Schniderman who has filed a fraud suit against Trump University. Trump said that Schniderman is driving business away from New York, and has to be one of the dumbest Attorney Generals. Trump also criticized Cuomo for the high taxes in New York, and for not allowing Hydofracturing for natural gas to take place.

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