Thursday, October 24, 2013

Irving Ladimer Portrays James Madison While Discussing the Constitution at the Riverdale Y

  In his continuing amazement to his friends 97 year old retired law professor Irving Ladimer in his quest to teach "Civics" portrayed founding father James Madison while his friend Mr. Harvey Bein portrayed George Washington. The goal of this portrayal  is to have people know how the constitution was formed and what it does.
   Mr. Ladimer opened by singing the "Star Spangled Banner" as Mr. Bein played the clarinet. We were then transported to the Constitutional Convention where 42 of the founding fathers had gathered. James Madison (Irving) told us that the meetings were many as each state wanted its own rights, but eventually gave in on some of those rights to have a unified country. 
   Mr. Bein as George Washington stood next to Irving "James Madison" Ladimer as he read "We The People". It was explained just who We The People" were. It was not anyone but just those who were the owners of the land, and only white males. Mr. Ladimer then went into the Bill of Rights" which amended the original constitution to allow for ten amendments. He went over those ten amendments and what each one was for.
  Mr. Ladimer went on to say that the constitution is a living document that evolves each and every day. He mentioned that even once an amendment becomes part of the constitution it can be changed or repealed as was the case with Prohibition the eighteenth amendment. Prohibition which went into effect in 1920 and was repealed by the 21st amendment in 1933. 
   Mr. Ladimer then took questions from the crowed room full of people that had come in to hear him discuss the constitution and he reminded everyone that Tuesday November 5th was election day, one of the rights given to us by the constitution of the United States.


Left - Mr. Irving Ladimer sings the Star Spangled Banner as Mr. Harvey Bein plays the clarinet.
Right - Bein and Ladimer go over the constitution as George Washington and James Madison.

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