Saturday, October 5, 2013

James V. Downey Way

  Mosholu Avenue between West 254th & West 255th Street today officially became James V. Downey Way. This stretch of Mosholu Avenue in front of Sid Augarten Field where children play baseball was a significant part of the North Riverdale Baseball League and was very important to the man who helped make it happen, Mr. James V. Downey. Downey was also involved in his church St. Margret's of Cortona, and the Knights of Columbus Pro-Patria Council. Those three organizations and a slew of others requested the street renaming in 2012, three years after Mr. Downey passed away due to loosing his battle with cancer. 
   Community Board 8 voted for the street renaming in September of 2012, and it was off to the city council where Councilman Oliver Koppell guided the street renaming through. Below are some photos.


Left - Mr. Jerry Woods gives the introduction.
Right - Councilman Oliver Koppell says a few words. On the pole under the Mosholu Avenue sign you can see another sign awaiting to be uncovered.


Left - James V. Downey Way is unwrapped as cheers are heard from the almost 200 people in attendance.
Right - In a traditional Irish ceremony a lone bagpiper plays.

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