Tuesday, October 29, 2013

KNICK Players Come to Local Chase Bank

  Metta World Peace, Raymond Felton, and Pablo Priginoni of the New York Knicks Basketball Team came to the Chase Bank branch located at 3775 Riverdale Avenue Tuesday afternoon to sign autographs for the hundreds people who showed up. This is part of a partnership between the Knick basketball team and Chase Bank that has Knick players visit various Chase Bank branches all over the city.
  The Knick players were accompanied by four of the Knick "City Dancers" Cheerleaders who also signed autographs for the crowd. The Knick players and City Dancers went outside at different times to check out the crowd, and pose for a photo like the one at the top of this page. 
  The Chase Bank branch employees were treated to have their photos also taken with the players, and City Dancers, as well as receiving Knick/Chase T-shirts and headbands (as you will see in one photo below). As the people waited there was a question and answer contest where if someone answered the questions correctly they also won a Chase/Knick item. There were even three separate pairs of tickets to a Knick game that were won by three guys (see photo below) who also got their picture with the players. 


Left- The crowd gathered early outside the Chase Bank located at 3775 Riverdale Avenue once the word got out that three Knick players would be signing autographs.
Right - The three winners of Knick tickets show the tickets off as they get their picture taken with the Knick players.


The Knick players posed for some shots with some of the kids who came to see them
Left - Ileana. Right - Maya.

Left - Two officers of the 50 Pct. had their photo op with the Knick players. The shot is dark as not to identify the officers.
Right - While the action was going on inside the Knick City Dancers put on their coats and checked out the crowd outside.


Left - Chase Bank branch manager Delroy Ximines got into his Knick T-shirt and head band as he poses for this photo with the Knick City Dancers.
Right - A couple of the local merchants on Riverdale Avenue pose with the Knick City Dancers. On the right is Mario owner of Salvatore's of Soho who was reported to have brought a couple of his delicious Pizza pies with him.

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