Wednesday, October 9, 2013


  City Comptroller John C. Liu stated the following after a judge voided the City’s “Taxi of Tomorrow” plan on the grounds that the TLC exceeded its authority when it mandated that all taxis be replaced the Nissan NV200:
“City Hall’s ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ plan, ill-conceived from the very start, should now be scrapped completely in light of the judge’s ruling. New York’s iconic yellow cabs should offer choices for taxi owners and – most importantly – full wheelchair-accessibility. My ‘Taxi for All New Yorkers’ plan would offer both, plus save the City money over time.”
In September, Comptroller Liu proposed his “Taxi for All New Yorkers” plan:
In May 2012, Comptroller Liu called on Mayor Bloomberg to modify the proposed “Taxi of Tomorrow” to make all new taxis wheelchair-accessible:
In December 2012, Liu rejected the “Taxi of Tomorrow” contract on the grounds that it violated the Americans with Disabilities Act and would expose the City to costly lawsuits:
In April 2013, Liu testified before the City Council in favor of Intro 433-A, a bill that would mandate that the entire City taxi fleet be wheelchair-accessible:

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