Saturday, October 26, 2013

No #1 Subway Service This Weekend

   This is what greets you as you come to the # 1 train entrance. From 11:30 PM Friday Oct. 25 to 5 AM Oct 28 "No trains between West 242nd Street and 137th Street". There is a shuttle bus that will take you from the Broadway and West 242nd, West 238th, West 231st, West 225th, and West 215th Street stations to the A train at West 207th Street & Isham Avenue for continued travel downtown. 
   That means if you want to go to any stop below 207th Street on Broadway you have to either take the local bus down, or go down 59th Street to transfer to the # 1 train to go uptown as far as 137th Street & Broadway.
   The shuttle buses wait in the northbound lane of Broadway before West 242nd Street (as you will see in the photos below), and that will cause a traffic problem that leaves only one lane of traffic to flow. This is also right near the left turn only lane for north bound Broadway and the Westchester bus stops & dead head area.
The final problem is that little if any people who use the # 1 line knew of this service change. 

Left - a sign by the # 9 bus tells of the free shuttle bus for # 1 line users, so why would anyone use the # 9 bus down Broadway to West 225th Street. 
Right - A crowd of people waiting for the # 1 shuttle bus. In the background are three MTA employees to help.


Left - Just some of the work being done on the # 1 line between West 242nd and 137th streets this weekend.
Right - One of the many shuttle buses that will take # 1 riders to the A train at West 207th Street.


Left - # 1 Shuttle buses are double parked northbound on Broadway before West 242nd Street.
Right - Cars are blocked in by the double parked shuttle buses.


Left - # 9 bus riders are forced to exit the bus in the middle of the street as the Westchester & # 1 shuttle buses block part of Broadway northbound.
Right - This results in people crossing in between traffic, and only one lane northbound on Broadway by West 242nd Street. That lane being the left turn only lane.

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