Sunday, October 20, 2013

RJCRC 28th Annual Legislative Breakfast

   The Riverdale Jewish Community Relations Council 28th Annual Legislative & Awards Breakfast was held this morning. While there was a reorganizing of the RJCRC last year in which this breakfast was not held and a late start on this years legislative breakfast the room was still packed with supporters.
     In the above photo (from right to left are) Master of Ceremonies Judge Mark Friedlander, Mayoral candidate Joe Lhota, Honoree William Abramson, State Senator Jeff Klein, Honoree Jeff Moerdler, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, and two more honorees.
   As usual when the breakfast started more tables had to be rolled out and set up, and after that was done Judge Friedlander greeted the audience. Due to his schedule Mayoral candidate Joe Lhota spoke first, and told the audience this would not be the only time they see him. Lhota said that he would be back two more times to the community before election day. Lhota said that he wants NYC to be a great place to live and have fun, but most importantly a place to raise a family. He went on about his vision for the city while criticizing what he said was his opponents lack of vision. 
  On his way out Lhota stopped to speak to Mr. Charles Moerdler whom he had a battle with when Lhota was head of the MTA and Moerdler a board member. Mr. Moerdler told me that while the two have battled in the past, he and Lhota have a cordial relationship. 
   William Abramson received the Community Builder Award Presented to him by State Senator Jeff Klein. Jeffrey Moerdler (son of Charles Moerdler) received the Jewish Community Service Award presented to him by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz. The Community Service Award was presented to Stefa Hasson, Ari Hoffnung, and Ted Weinstein by Congressman Eliot Engel. Councilman Oliver Koppell presented the Interfaith Brotherhood Award to the Menachem of Parkchester Synagogue in the Al Iman Mosque Project.
Below are some photos of the event.

Left - Judge Friedlander and Joe Lhota pose for a photo.
Right - Lhota chatting with Community Board 8 member Irving Ladimer.   


Left - Honoree Jeff Moerdler is seated between Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz and State Senator Jeff Klein.
Right - Joe Lhota stops to chat with Charles Moerdler as Jeff Moerdler looks on.


Left - The spotlight was on Honoree Jeff Moerdler as Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz presents the Community Builder Award.
Right - Councilman Oliver Koppell with the honorees of the Interfaith Brotherhood Award he presented.


  1. I noticed in your article you did not cover Bill deBlasio who had a statement read by the membership nor did you cover Mayoral Candidate & former Bronx BP Carrion?

    1. You also forget to mention that no comments after Councilman Koppel presented his award are listed, which would include Congressman Engel. It was a great event, but as the crowd thinned out the story was over. As for Adolfo Carrion there never was any story, and that is why there was no coverage on this blog or in my column in the Bronx News about his Breakfast last week in Bedford Park. While I attended I left to go to a real story. If you want to know what happened with Carrion I suggest you read the Riverdale Press.

  2. Are you saying the riverdale press is "akin" to The NY Post?

  3. I believe that is what mr press is saying!