Saturday, October 26, 2013

VCP Ice Skating Rink UPDATE

   The temporary ice skating rink at Van Cortlandt Park is almost ready to open. In the photos below  the ice is in place, and poles are also in place to hold the barrier that will keep the skaters in the ring. There has been talk in the comments section that I am claiming to have had the rink set up, and that is false. There is also talk that I opposed the rink, and that is false again. Then there was the comment about the head of the Van Cortlandt Park Conservancy and myself, again false. He was a candidate for City Council and I am a political columnist. I was doing what is expected of me, covering the candidates. After the election was over it appears that we switched roles. I was now on the Community Board and he was not. Enough said as I will answer any sound comment, and remember the comments are moderated here unlike elsewhere. 
Above - The chiller lines are in place to make the ice.

Left - The ice is now in place, and with the cold weather setting in the rink should open soon.
Right - The poles are in place to hold the barrier that will keep the skaters from falling over the side of the rink.

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