Saturday, October 26, 2013

What are Some of the Effects of Obamacare on Seniors?

  This comes from the New York Post that reports "Elderly patients sick over losing doctors under Obamacare". The Post writes that seniors are getting notices from their insurance companies that the doctors they may be seeing under the Medicare Advantage plans are no longer in those plans. This leaves the senior with the options of staying in their current plan and choosing a new doctor still in the plan, changing insurance companies where their doctors are in, or pay out of pocket for visits to their doctor.

   The Post reports that UnitedHealthcare is dropping up to 2,100 doctors that serve 8,000 Medicare Advantage patients in the metro New York Area. While there are 2.6 million elderly New Yorkers on Medicare only about 900,000 are in Medicare Advantage HMO's by private companies. The reason for the pairing down of doctors is given to encourage higher quality health care, and to keep cost down as the under the national Affordable Care Act.

   As for responses by the insurance companies UnitedHealthcare defended the doctor roster cuts, as did Emblem and Empire Blue Cross-Blue Shield which both said the cuts were less than one percent of the current rosters. You can see the entire New York Post article here.

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