Friday, November 1, 2013

Adofo Carrion in 2017?

   Already Adolfo Carrion is looking to 2017 as it seems that losing the mayoral race this year has become reality. In a Daily News interview Carrion says that he will stay involved in reforming the political system and if need be to run again in 2017. The Daily News is non the kindest in pointing out Carrion's 3 percent in the latest Quinnipiac poll after spending over a million dollars he had on hand from a previous campaign. They are also quick to point out that Carrion raised only $175,000 in his entire campaign since announcing for mayor, calling it a lackluster effort.

  Carrion says though that he will embark on a 5 borough tour mostly visiting senior centers in Manhattan and the Bronx in the final days of the campaign. The News quotes Carrion  “I’m very happy with the solid foundation that we have poured and the message of my campaign,” when asked if he was content with how his candidacy had panned out. The News ends by saying that it is unclear how much support and money that Carrion received from the Independence Party in his campaign.

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