Friday, November 22, 2013


  Con Edison is currently installing 51 high grade utility poles that can withstand 110 mph and will have switching equipment to prevent future power outages and falling lines, as requested by Council Member Oliver Koppell.  

Because of the severe power outages experienced by people in the community during Hurricane Sandy, Koppell held a series of meetings with Con Ed representatives to explore ways to improve the reliability of the greater Riverdale power grid during inclement weather. 

Subsequent to the meetings, Con Ed revealed its plan to cut the Riverdale Loop, comprised of 7.3 miles of service, into two smaller loops, which will shield each section from events that occur in the other area, making each section more reliable and resulting in quicker restorations.

By the end of December, Con Ed will have completed installing the new poles throughout the Riverdale area and in parts of Kingsbridge. Once the poles are installed, Con Ed expects to make the switch off during the first quarter of 2014. The Riverdale Loop, where everything in Riverdale is connected, will now be split into two separate loops with a Riverdale Loop and a Palisade Loop.       

“I am still hopeful that Con Ed will find a way to bury the exposed power lines, which are the cause of many storm-related outages. However, since we are being told that future storms are inevitable, I am pleased that the changes Con Edison is currently making will reduce the number of power malfunctions in the community,” Koppell said.

Editor Note - How about the mess that Con Edison or should I say their contractor has done to West 238th Street only three blocks away from Councilman Koppell's district office on the high pressure gas line installation. People have been told by the contractor " What do you want, this is the Bronx". Also go into any nearby business and see what this has done to their business.


  1. On West 238th Street, they're installing natural-gas lines and valves that meet or exceed the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation. The workers there are doing a great job in terms of quality, courtesy and speed.

  2. You must have stock in Con Edison or be related to one of the workers.
    Check Monday's posting to see how Con Edison has set us a home away from home in the middle of the street at West 238th Street & Greystone Avenue.

  3. Thanks for keeping me posted but what's the big deal? It looks like a regular ConEd project to me.