Sunday, November 10, 2013

Johnson Avenue Festival

  Sunday's Johnson Avenue festival got off to a great start as the street was filled with people enjoying "Rockin' Railroad from Kidville, taking in the art that was lined up in front of closed stores, carnival games, the stilt walker, face painting, and delicious food set up by the many different eateries on Johnson Avenue. Team KRVDC did another fine job in setting this festival up as you will see in the photos below, but they could not control the weather as rain started to fall midway through the event. One by one the tables set up were taken down and art covered up as the rain continued and then came down harder. By three o'clock most of the tables and art was gone, but the performances continued. 
  While it may have rained on KRVDC's Johnson Avenue Festival cutting it short hundreds of people still were able to enjoy the Johnson Avenue Festival. Just check the photos below.


Left - The Rockin' Railroad from Kidville opened up the entertainment at the Johnson Avenue Festival.
Right - The Stilt Walker stops to pose with the women of Halstead Properties.


Left - Community Board 8 members Michael Heller (hat) and Anthony Fella man the CB 8 table as they show some materials about CB 8. 
Right - Lisa Cooper of Elisa Contemporary Art talks with a customer about her new line of Arbonne products on her table.

Left - Right & Below - ABADA CAPOEIRA Bronx gave a demonstration of Capoeira which is a combination of dance & kick. Children age 5 - 15 are participating in this demonstration.


Right - Notice a tent has been set up on the stage as the rain comes down. Cynthia Soriano and her Quartet are performing.

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