Thursday, November 14, 2013

Obama Takes Hit For Poor Roll-Out of the Affordable Health Care Act

  In a press conference today President Obama admitted that he thought the Affordable Health Care Act would be rolled out with only minor glitches. The President said that a fix of having Americans continue with their current coverage, "even if the coverage does not meet the standards of the AHCA" for one year. He spoke for over one hour answering the many questions that were asked of him. 

  The President however opened the meeting by discussing the tragedy that had occurred in the Philippines, and what the United States was doing to help the people of the Philippines.

  It is believed that continued pressure from Democrats who were beginning to hear from their constitutes that their health care was being or had been cancelled due to the roll-out of Obama Care. Calls also were that it was very hard for people to get thru so they could enroll for the new Affordable Health Care. One new problem with this new fix is how are Insurance companies going to undo cancellations that were already done?

  Here is a link to a story in the Washington Post with the full transcript of the news conference by President Obama.


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