Saturday, November 16, 2013

Senator Klein Graffiti Clean up in 45th Pct.

Jeffrey D. Klein

 State Senator Jeff Klein & 45th Pct. Commander Capt. James R. McGeown in their regular attire.

  However as you will see in the photos below both were dressed in jeans along with the Chairman & District Manager of Community Board 10, and many others volunteers who helped rid the 45th Pct. of some of its graffiti. 

  Gallons of paint, cans of graffiti remover, boxes of gloves, dozens of paint brushes and rollers, greeted the volunteers at the 45th Pct. when they met and Senator Klein addressed the problem . Klein said that as soon as graffiti is put up photos must be taken for evidence to ID the person who did it. The next step is to get rid of the graffiti, and go to the District Attorney for prosecution of the offender. Sen. Klein added that his court monitoring program then sits in on cases to let the judge know that the community wants more than just a slap on the wrist to the offender, they want that person off the streets in jail.

  Senator Klein presented citations to Mr. John Rebetto and Mr. Sidney Flores for their excellent work in helping to rid the community of graffiti. 


 Left - Senator Jeff Klein stresses the importance of wiping out graffiti as soon as it appears.
Right - Senator Klein, 45th Pct. Captain James R. McGeown with Mr. Flores and Mr. Rebetto.


Left - the paint and supplies that greeted the clean up volunteers - Right.


Left - Senator Klein mans the wall roller as he paints over some recent graffiti on an underpass of the Cross Bronx Expressway.
Right - CB 10 District Manager Kenneth Kearns puts the roller to the wall.


Left - CB 10 Chairman John Marano climbs up along the highway to paint over this graffiti.
Right - What the wall now looks like after being painted over.

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