Monday, November 25, 2013

UPDATE Con Edison "Dig They Must"

  Here is an update with new photos of Con Edison's Gas Conversion work in Community Board 8. If you live on Cruger and Lydig Avenues, Creston Avenue by East 196th Street, and almost anywhere else there are apartment buildings that are converting from oil to gas for heating fuel Con Edison will be ripping up the streets in or around those new gas customers. 
  Note on the first two long photos there are still no notices anywhere.
 This was Con Ed during last week at the corner of West 238th Street and Fieldston Road.
 Here you can see that the Con Edison contractor has set up a tent because the construction area is so large on the corner of West 238th Street and Greystone Avenue. The stores on the street are down from 10% - 40%, as one owner says "The people can't get to my store".
  This photo shows the rock that is below this street that has to be removed.
The same section with the new high pressure gas pipe.

This is the scene at a different location started after the Community Board 8 Traffic & Transportation meeting with Con Edison. Note that there are plenty of signs warning of the upcoming construction. 
Here once construction has started metal plates are put over the opening in the roadway as soon as the work moves on.

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  1. I am glad to see this project underway. Those men are working hard to get it done the right way.