Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Very YEP Christmas

Left and Right - Are the toys that were brought to the Eastwood Manor earlier today for the 2013 Sharing and Caring party held by Councilman Andy King and the Bronx Youth Empowerment Program that he started several years ago. Yes that is Santa Claus on the right watching over all the toys to make sure that deserving youngsters received them.
  The Eastwood Manor and Councilman Andy King hosted a Christmas Party for deserving children in his district, and got a lot of help from some of the youngsters in his Bronx Youth Empowerment Program which was started several years ago by Mr. Andy King.
  Mr. Jemine Antonelli a youth pastor dressed up as Santa Claus, and he had more fun than the little children that sat on his lap. Mr. Antonelli also gave the invocation (in full Santa suit), and was only one of the many YEP volunteers who helped Councilman King make this Christmas Party a huge success. By the way Santa Antonelli said that he wants a new Booster Sleigh as his present for Christmas as the reindeer are getting old.
  Councilman King and his wife are sharing all year round, and he wants to remove barriers to move forward. It is one of the reasons he has done so well in his short stint as a replacement for former Councilman Seabrook (who was removed from office), and the reason that Councilman Andy King was re-elected with an overwhelmingly majority of the vote this past primary and general election.
  I was able to draw Councilman King away from the crowd long enough to ask him about the speakers race where on January 8th he and all of the 51 council members will vote in a new speaker of the council. Councilman King said that he has committed his vote to the Bronx Council delegation to vote with the delegation as a block. I told him of the night before where Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito was with Councilman Elect Ritchie Torres who is the only Bronx delegation member committed to her for speaker. I then asked Councilman King if he received any phone calls from the incoming mayor who he supported over the Bronx Democratic County organization's candidate, and he said yes he did but that he was still committed to vote with the Bronx Council delegation. 

Left - Councilman King introduces the members of YEP who were helping him.
Right - A photo of all of the volunteers with Councilman King.

Left - Sofia sits on Santa lap, and tells him what she wants for Christmas.
Right - Other youngsters were dancing.

Left - The Jamccar Ekklispe steel drum band were one of the performers at the party.
Right - Councilman King's parents Bernice and Andy King Sr. enjoy the party.
 The Bronx Youth Empowerment Program. What it is all about.

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