Friday, December 13, 2013

Bronx Democrat Board of Elections Commissioner Naomi Barrera Stepping Down

  In what has been a turbulent year at the New York City Board of Elections Bronx Democratic Commissioner Naomi Barrera will be stepping down as of December 17th. Barrera is only one of the BOE Commissioners that has left this year. JC Polonco the colorful Republican Bronx Commissioner was replaced early in the year with Mike Rendino after Bronx Republican Leader Jay Savino was replaced by John Greaney after a scandal. Also Staten Island Republican Commissioner JP Sipp left the BOE also earlier this year.

  Barrera had been mentioned as a candidate to fill the vacant executive director's seat of the BOE, but that went to Staten Island Democratic Commissioner Mike Ryan. Naomi Barrera was the choice of newly elected Bronx Democratic County Leader Carl Heasie five years ago, and while Heastie praised Barrera for her stint as Bronx Democratic Commissioner he said that the selection of her replacement has not begun.

  There should be a lot of potential candidates to replace Naomi Barrera as Bronx Democratic Elections Commissioner including a few term limited council members. The job however will go to a county loyalist such as Barrera had been, and will be up to Bronx Democratic County Leader Carl Heastie to choose her replacement.

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