Monday, December 30, 2013

Carmen Farina will be Named New York City’s Schools Chancellor!/img/httpImage/image.JPG_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/latestpix.JPG

  As I wrote on December 10th on this blog it appears that Incoming Mayor Bill de Blasio will after all name 71 year old ex-Deputy Chancellor Carmine Farina his new Schools Chancellor. Farina had been on the de Blasio transition team and advised candidate de Blasio on education, and their relationship goes back to when Farina was the principal of the middle school in Brooklyn where the de Blasio children attended. There are rumors however that Farina as Deputy Chancellor retired as an investigation by the Special Investigator for the Board of Education was looking into whether Farina used her position as Deputy Chancellor to allow a Brooklyn Principal and his teacher wife who lived in New Jersey have their child attend Farina's old middle school. The Principal and his wife were forced to pay the city for their child's education and he was fired from his job as principal. The investigation ended with the retirement of Farina as Deputy Chancellor.

  It is widely being speculated that since Farina was on the selection committee for the new chancellor that no one could meet her standards for the job. It was also thought that the previous process was done so Farina would wind up as the only person that would fit the qualifications. Farina is another so called safe decision by incoming Mayor Bill de Blasio with lots of experience in her field. I don't see Farina lasting longer that the rest of the school year, and that is from experience with her at the DOE headquarters at Tweed while she was there. 


  1. Fariña is a solid choice. She’s a New York City schools insider with a 40-year career in the public school system. She’s a longtime advocate of early childhood education, and she was deputy chancellor in charge of instruction.

    1. By using the Anonymous title we can not tell if you are or were a parent of children in the public school system. If you are or were you might not be so quick with your comment.
      I know new Chancellor Farina from when she was a Deputy Chancellor and she did not impress me as an educational leader.
      We will have to wait and see however how Bill de Blasio runs his administration. Will he be allowing his appointed commissioners and the like to run their own departments or will he micro manage like the now former Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
      How long will it take for people to miss Michael Bloomberg, I think not long.

  2. Those of us who worked in NYC schools throughout Bloomberg's administration will never miss him, even if we don't like what the new mayor does. Bloomberg ruled with arrogance and ignorance a terrible combination. Good riddance. As for Carmen, we'll wait and see.