Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Has the Bronx Scored a $400M Soccer Stadium

  In a New York Post article after looking at sites in Queens and Brooklyn, a Major League Soccer franchise on Tuesday stood close to a deal to build a 28,000-seat stadium in The Bronx just south of Yankee Stadium. The New York City Football Club is “very, very close” to inking a deal with GAL Manufacturing, an elevator parts company, sources close to the deal said.

  The $400 million stadium will be located on what now is an empty lot between the Major Deegan and East 153rd Street, where the soccer team with 20% ownership by the New York Yankees would play. Until the stadium is completed in 2018 or 2019 the team would play at Yankee Stadium. 

  The deal has current Mayor Bloomberg's blessing, but is contingent upon the approval of incoming Mayor-Elect Bill deBlasio who has yet to review the plans. The full Post story can be found here. 

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