Monday, December 23, 2013

New Speaker Comes to Bronx North Association of Resident Councils Inc.

  It was the meeting and installation celebration of the newly appointed Executive Board members of the Bronx North Association of Resident Councils Inc. Lilithe Lazano as the Chair, Walter McNeil as the Vice Chair, Mildred Mcelveen as the Treasurer, Sandra Gross as the Secretary, and Harvey Butler as the Sergeant of Arms. The swearing in of the new executive board was by Councilman Elect Ritchie Torres, and Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito who should be the next speaker of the City Council was also on hand as you will see in the photos below. State Senator Ruth Hassel-Thompson and many others were in attendance to see the installation of the new executive board. 


Left - That's 80th Assembly State Committeeman Joe Mcmanus on the left, Newly Elected 15th Councilman Ritchie Torres in the center, and soon to be new Chair Lilithe Lozano on the left before the ceremony.
Right - State Senator Ruth Hassel-Thompson chats with on of the Captains from the 49th Precinct.


Left - Ms. Lazano speaking to the audience on the tasks of being the Chair of the Bronx North Association of Resident Councils Inc., and her dedication to the task.
Right - 15th Councilman Elect Ritchie Torres introduces his choice for the next speaker of the City Council Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito.

Left - Councilman Elect Torres swears in the new Executive Board as his future speaker looks on.
Right - The five new board members pose with Councilman Torres and future City Council Speaker Mark-Viverito.

In what may be the best photo of things to come in the City Council, here Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito almost 100 percent sure of being the new speaker poses with her favorite (and only) announced Bronx council supporter Councilman Elect Ritchie Torres of the 15th council district.
After talking with the future speaker she hopes that other members of the Bronx delegation will vote for her as Councilman Torres will. As to what lulus the Bronx delegation members will get, right now look for only Councilman Torres to share in the spoils of the victory leaving the rest of the Bronx delegation out in the cold. 

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