Wednesday, December 18, 2013

North Riverdale Merchants Association Holiday Party

  Monday night the North Riverdale Merchants Association came together with some guests to honor three people that have made this year a success for the North Riverdale Merchants. Ms. Tracy Shelton of the Kingsbridge Riverdale Van Cortlandt Development Corporation, Adam Sandler of Councilman Oliver Koppells office, and NRMA member Christopher Rizzo. In attendance were Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, Councilman Oliver Koppell, and Councilman Elect Andrew Cohen. 

Left - Assemblyman Dinowitz, Ms. Tracy Shelton, Andrew Sandler, and Councilman Elect Andrew Cohen .
Right - NRMA Chairman Gary Wartels (owner of Skyview Liquors), former co-chair Anthony Fella, stand with the NRMA secretary (middle).


Left - Ms. Tracy Shelton receives her award for helping get the NRMA off the ground.
Right - Anthony Fella is about to present Andrew Sandler of Councilman Koppel's office his award for all the help given in many different areas.


  1. Judging from these politicians, it seems pretty clear that the caliber of our local political representation needs serious fixing.

    1. So why, Anonymous Dec 19, 2013 at 11:34, did it take you so long to notice something that has been abundantly obvious for the past 20 years?

  2. And Rangel is expected to seek a 23rd term in Congress!

  3. The voters think otherwise and support our local politicians in overwhelming numbers.

  4. The voters? It's sad and funny when you realize that not too long ago the voters (meaning the small percentage of people who actually vote) also supported these characters in OVERWHELMING NUMBERS:

    Ex-State Comptroller Alan G. Hevesi
    Ex-State Senator Carl Kruger
    Ex-State Senator Pedro Espada, Jr.
    Ex-State Senator Hiram Monserrate
    Ex-State Senator Efraín González, Jr.
    Ex-State Senator Guy J. Velella
    Ex-State Senator Carl Kruger
    Ex-Assemblyman Clarence Norman, Jr.
    Ex-Assembyman Brian M. McLaughlin
    Ex-Assemblywoman Diane M. Gordon
    Ex-Assemblywoman Gloria Davis
    Ex-City Councilman Pedro G. Espada
    Ex-City Councilman Miguel Martinez
    Ex-City Councilman Larry B. Seabrook

    1. You mentioned Ex State Senator Carl Kruger twice, and forgot several others like
      Ex City Councilman Rafael Castaneria-Colon,
      Ex Assemblyman Nelson Castro,
      Ex State Senator Shirley Huntley,
      Ex State Senator Joe Bruno, and then there are the one under indictment for one thing or another.

    2. So much for the wisdom of the voters.