Sunday, January 12, 2014

Alex Rodriguez Suspended for 162 Games

  Alex Rodriguez the New York Yankee third baseman has been slapped with a 162 game suspension in connection with the Biogenesis doping scandal by baseball's chief arbitrator. In addition A-Rod will be fined $25 million dollars and any incentives that he may have received from the Yankees this year.
  The decision comes close to a month after A-rod contested his original suspension of 211 games by Major League Baseball. A-Rod has vowed to continue to fight the suspension, this time in federal court. A-Rod will reportedly be in the Yankee spring training camp, and await a decision if he can be with the team as the season begins.

  Other Major League Baseball players have received a 50 game suspension when caught using performance enhancing drugs for the first time. The suspension for being caught a second time is 100 games, and a third banishment from baseball.

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