Monday, January 6, 2014

Carmen Farina to Receive Over $400,000.00 to Run NYC Public Schools

  In an agreement dated January 1st new schools Chancellor Carmen Farina will receive the same pay that her predecessor Dennis Walcott, that being $212,612.00. In addition however Chancellor Farina will continue to receive her pension from the Board of Education of about $200,00.00 which will make her pay top out at over $400,000.00 a year. Joel Klein as schools chancellor received the standard salary of $250,000.00. In addition Farina is eligible to all the perks as chancellor which include a $1,000.00 opt out payment not to choose the health and welfare benefits offered that would duplicate the benefits she already receives as a Board of Education retiree.
  In a statement from Mayor Bill de Blasio's office it was said that Chancellor Farina's base salary was less than the heads of smaller school systems around the country. There is also a car and driver at the disposal of Chancellor Farina.

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