Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hazardous Travel Advisory

  At 9:47 AM. The NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM) has issued a Hazardous Travel Advisory for today (Tuesday) and Wednesday due to anticipated weather conditions that will result in wet, slick sidewalks. Roadways could quickly turn icy. The National Weather Service has forecasted 8 to 12 inches of snow accumulation through Wednesday. Dangerously cold temperatures expected through Friday. Residents should drive slowly, monitor weather and traffic, use major streets or highways, and keep the name and number of at least one local towing service. Pedestrians should avoid slippery surfaces, dress in layers, and maintain a heightened awareness of cars, especially when crossing intersections. Please review the complete Hazardous Travel Advisory attached for additional details about the impending storm and precautions to take.

Editor's note --
You will find conditions like those in the photos below so walk carefully, and drive even more carefully especially over those extremely slippery metal plates covering Con Edison "Oil to Gas conversion" construction. The best advice "Get a good lawyer".

Left - A street that was not salted, and could lead up to an accident happening at this and other intersections.
Right - An overpass that was not fully salted, and could lead up to an accident as overpasses freeze up quicker than regular roads.


Left - A very slippery Con Edison metal plate covers construction in this crosswalk and others around the Bronx. Pedestrians not only have to worry about cars, but also have to worry about falling on the very slippery surface of the metal plate, and also if a car can stop on this surface.
Right - An intersection where very slippery Con Edison metal plates are. If you look closely a car has just slid about 10 feet on this metal plate Con Edison has left in this intersection. It is an accident waiting to happen. This is the area where a snow plow moved one of these metal plates in the street that opened a very dangerous 2 foot wide section of the construction trench area. Drivers of snow plows have been told not to plow over these metal Con Edison plates in the street.

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