Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mayor de Blasio Meets Wtih Bronx Council Delegation

  In an interview with Capitol New York Bronx Council delegation leader Councilwoman Annabel Palma talks about this latest meeting with Mayor Bill de Blasio to try to sway their votes from Dan Garodnick to Melissa Mark-Viverito for city council speaker. As of now only Councilman Ritchie Torres has committed to voting for Mark-Viverito with the rest of the Bronx delegation committing to Dan Garodnick for speaker when the selection takes place on Thursday January 8th.
  In the interview Councilwoman Palma says "This whole process has been handled through manipulation and threats. People have been called and told they would not get help in their districts when it came to budget time." She added that those who vote against Councilwoman Mark-Viverito for speaker were threatened with primary challenges in future races. In the next council election in the Bronx, the 8th (Mark-Viverito), 13th (Vacca), 17th (Arroyo) and 18th (Palma) will be open seats due to term limits. The 11th (Cohen) and 12th (King) were supported by Mayor Bill de Blasio, while the 15th (Torres) is the lone supporter of Mark-Viverito. That would leave only the 14th (Cabrera) and 16th (Gibson) to worry about having a primary in 2017. Having spoken to several Bronx council delegation members about how they will vote, all who are supporting Garodnick have said they will vote as a block for him. I wonder however if Councilman Fernando Cabrera or Councilman Fernando Hyde from the 14th council district will show up for the vote.
  Councilwoman Palma did not give any specifics as to just who or whom was threatening any Bronx council member, but said "This whole process of the Working Families Party involvement and the unions having such a heavy hand on who gets a speaker is totally disrespectful to the entire Council,"
  Mayor de Blasio declined to comment on the meeting, saying only that it was a "very productive and respectful meeting." You can find the entire article from Capitol New York here.


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