Saturday, January 4, 2014

Small Plane Lands On Major Deegan Highway

Plane On Major Deegan Expressway
photo credit to Daniel Miller Via the Daily News.
  A Piper PA28 airplane originating from Danbury Connecticut to tour New York City and the Statue of Liberty experienced an emergency on board en route back to Danbury, and landed safely on the Major Deegan Highway northbound just south of the East 233rd Street exit. 

  Since there is to be major reconstruction on the Major Deegan Highway at this point (starting very soon) Department of Transportation workers had a lane of the highway closed. The DOT workers then stopped northbound traffic so the plane could glide to a safe landing with none of the three passengers seriously hurt.

  Within a few hours the plane was loaded onto a flat bed truck and taken away. The owner of the plane is reported to be Mr. Michael Schwartz of South Salem in Westchester County. Mr. Schwartz and his two passengers were taken to St. Barnabas Hospital with only minor injuries. 

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