Monday, January 20, 2014

Welcome to Johnson Avenue Con Edison

As if the merchants on Johnson Avenue aren't struggling enough with the high rents and the poor economy Con Edison wants to add to the their despair. As you see in the photo on the left Johnson Avenue between West 235th & West 236th Street is being sliced so workers can open a foot and a half wide trench to put in high pressured gas lines as part of the Con Edison "Oil to Gas conversion" of apartment buildings that surround the Johnson Avenue shopping area. 

  This is what Johnson Avenue above West 236th Street looks like as workers were in, next to, and around the open trench near the middle of the street. Yes there is no parking allowed at the curb so that the workers an do their job while the construction is ongoing. Don't forget those slippery and pointy metal plates cover the work area when no work is going on, and that is often.

  Below on the left you can see how the cut is on an angle as it is thought on how the old gas pipe is aligned under the street.
  On the right you can see the markings that go down the full length of Johnson Avenue. Note how bad the previous  covering of construction work by and under the white car has left the roadway. Don't forget there will be no parking on this side of the street for about as long as it takes for Con Edison to do the work.

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