Friday, April 11, 2014

Council Member Cohen Introduces Legislation to Make Parking More Convenient for Motorists

  At Thursday's Stated Council Meeting, Council Member Andrew Cohen introduced legislation that would make parking more convenient for motorists throughout New York City.  The bill states that on blocks longer than two hundred feet, signs indicating parking, stopping or standing regulations shall be posted every one hundred feet or less.

There are currently no guidelines for the placement of parking signs on city streets.  The Department of Transportation presently installs signs where they deem necessary. 

“Trying to find parking is extremely difficult already.  To make matter worse, on too many streets in our city, particularly in the outer boroughs, the irregularity of parking signage makes this daily routine frustrating.  This law will require that signs are placed at regular intervals and help ensure that the parking regulations are more easily visible for motorists,” said Council Member Andrew Cohen.

“Additionally, some motorists receive fines for parking illegally, unbeknownst to them, as they are unaware of the parking regulations due to the fact that the signage is posted much further down the street.  This law would assist motorists in adhering to the regulations currently in place which would lessen the fines they inadvertently receive,” the Councilman added.

The bill has been submitted to the Council’s Transportation Committee for review.

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