Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Councilman Andy King Free Food Giveaway

  Councilman Andy King had his district office on Gun Hill Road set up with bags of groceries to be handed out to residents of his district who are in need. About one hundred of his constituents from the Eastchester Garden area were expected, but do to the heavy rain there were fewer people than expected who showed up. This being his first free food giveaway, and with some cans of food left Councilman King then set off to organize his second free food giveaway. 

  The non-perishable food was donated by the nearby Fine Fare Supermarket on Boston Road, The Palm Tree Market Also f Boston Road, and the Food Fest Depot at the Hunt's Point Market according to Councilman King's Chief of Staff Lee Lewis.

  I was able to ask Councilman King a few questions as to why he was hosting a free food giveaway. He said that this is just another service that he wants to offer his constituents. His believing in the lord and good family values has also taught him to help his fellow people without the thought of any rewards. As for the new city council, and the eagerness in making new laws and rules Councilman King (who was elected in a 2012 special election and will be able to serve more that just eight years) said that the new council members are learning their job. He added that he expects this council to be one that makes it mark that is recorded in NYC history, and is proud to be a part of it. 

Left - One of Councilman King's staffers fills bags with the non-perishable canned food.
Right - Councilman King speaks with his Chief of Staff Lee Lewis to make sure everything is ready.

Left - Councilman King gets into the middle of it as he gets bags of groceries to hand to the people waiting.
Right - Some of the many people who came pose with Councilman King.

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