Sunday, April 27, 2014

ECPW Wrestling St. Francis Xavier School 2014

  ECPW professional wrestling returned to St. Francis Xavier School in the Morris Park section last night. It may not have been John Cena or the Rock, but Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Bushwaker Luke, and Marty Jannetti were among the wrestlers on hand. The fun started before the first match as the wrestlers greeted the audience, signed autographs, and took photos (some for a fee) with those on hand to see the matches. The night was also special to one of the wrestlers who had his mother in the audience as he announced his retirement from wrestling after 20 years. There were 8 matches in all including 2 that were tag team ones. During the intermission the wrestlers came out again to meet the audience. The end result was that everyone in attendance had fun, that is except for the losers of the matches. You can click on any photo to enlarge it.

Left & Right - Wrestlers took photos with audience members.

Left - Some wrestlers were seated at tables.
Right - NY State Athletic Commission inspector John Scalesi checks out the ring.

Left - Buswaker Luke has his opponent in the corner.
Right - The Punisher is about to slam his opponent.


Left - Arron Bradley is picked up and then dropped to the mat by Luca the Freak.
Right - ECPW Champ Andrew Anderson on his way to the ring.

Left - ECPW champ Andrew Andersongoes at it with the crowd.
Right - Anderson and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine in a test of strength.
Left - The Hammer accidentally knocks down the ref and is Disqualified.
Right - Marty Jannetty can only watch from the corner as his partner is taking a beating.


Left - Marty Jannetty gets tagged in and is pounding his opponent in the corner.
Right - The New Dynamite Kid is joined by his partner tonight Marty Jannetty and his mother (who was at ringside) after he announced his retirement from wrestling due to back and knee problems.

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