Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New York State Budget Passed "On Time Once Again"

  There is a lot of news out of Albany which relates to the state budget of $138 Billion Dollars that was passed last night. It is the fourth on time budget in a row now. Each individual state legislator will tout their part in the budget negotiations, but when you come down to it the old "Three men in a room" cliche is now "Four men in a room" thanks to IDC Conference Leader Senator Jeff Klein who had a big say in this years budget. Since the deal was struck in the final hours in order to be able to be signed without having to wait the normal three days for bills to age (or be able to be read by the state legislators) Governor Cuomo issued a "Message of Necessity" to waive the three day aging process. 

  There is already infighting between state senators that is the Democratic Conference and the Independent Democratic Conference, not to mention the Republican Conference. In one instance State Senator Gustavo Rivera comments on a provision by Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein that includes a provision that adds new requirements for health facilities projects just in our Borough for more community input. This after a proposed 11 story medical facility by Montefiore Hospital was given to the community rather than having community input in the facility. Rivera says it will just add another layer of bureaucracy. 

  Mayor Bill de Blasio while he did not get the authorization to administer his Pre K tax did receive the needed monies to start the Pre K agenda that he has. The only problem is with the majority of public schools operating at or above 100 percent capacity, where will he find the space? Then there is the part of the budget that will require the mayor to find space in the public schools for more charter schools. 




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