Saturday, April 26, 2014

Senator Klein Educational Leadership Award Ceremony

  Friday was the Senator Jeff Klein and Healthfirst Educational Leadership Award Ceremony Breakfast. Educators from the 300+ schools in the 34th State Senate district came to receive Certificates of Appreciation from 34th State Senator Jeff Klein. Senator Klein in his speech thanked those who came from the public and parochial  schools in his district, praising them for their hard work. He then went into the dynamics of the state budget and how he was able to secure 300 million dollars for Mayor de Blasio's Pre-K program for the next five years. 50,000 children are to receive full day Pre-K starting this September, and 70,000 the following school year. 
  Senator Klein in his speech mentioned the coming of Community Learning Centers. These centers are fashioned after the very successful ones that were put in place in Cincinnati. Klein also spoke about the very successful events that schools in the 34th district have done due to funding from Project Boost secured by him. He finished by saying all schools in the district will get grants from Project Boost.


Left - Senator Jeff Klein chats with some of the attendees.
Right - Senator Klein is explaining the state budget process, and how he was able to get the funding for Mayor de Blasio's Pre-K program.


Left & Right - Senator Klein with some of the educators who received Certificates of Appreciation from him.

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