Sunday, April 13, 2014

Senator Klein's Annual Bunny Breakfast

  Saturday State Senator Jeff Klein invited hundreds of children and their parents to his Annual Bunny Breakfast. There was a healthy breakfast, face painting, a giant Easter bunny, and Magician John Tudor of Simply Magic. Senator Klein was very brief in his comments saying that the event was for the children as you will see in the photos below. 

Left - Two young girls are singing the opening song.
Right - Senator Klein is very brief in his opening statement explaining that today is for the children.

Left - Jazmin Valentine before getting her face painted.
Right - Jazmin with her face painted.

Left - Danlye and Tanvir are building their bunnies.
Right - Senator Klein even had a life size bunny for children to have their photo taken with.


Left - Senator Klein joins the children as the magic act is about to start.
Right - You can see the crowd as John the Magician starts his act.

Left - John the Magician make a bunny appear with the help of his assistants.
Right - John goes into the audience to show the next one he made appear.

Left - A balloon is placed in a box held by 2 assistants.
Right - John the Magician turns the balloon into a bunny, to the surprise of his assistants.

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