Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Avella Slams Koppell On Term Limits

 This one comes from the blog State of Politics. 
  Queens State Senator Tony Avella the latest member of the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) is going after former Councilman and candidate for the 34th senate district for actively working to extend term limits during his time as a NYC councilman. 
  Avella in an interview said that Koppell is making negative remarks about IDC leader Senator Jeff Klein. It is Koppell however that did the most disgraceful, undemocratic action, ever by any elected official, that being to overturn the will of the people by extending term limits.Avella added that it happened while both he and Koppell were in the city council. You know if you want to talk about undemocratic action…he (Koppell) should be held to account to that. 

  The story continues by saying it was Koppell who introduced the legislation necessary to make that change. they quote Koppell as saying term limits “cut off people’s careers in politics which makes no sense”. From a 2009 Norwood News article on the term limit extension Koppell is quoted  “public can’t be trusted” to make good decisions about who to put into office to represent them. “Many people are not sophisticated enough to make some of these decisions. That’s why I believe in electing people who spend the better part of their lives working on these issues.”

  There is much more in the State of Politics story which can be found HERE.



  1. Let's look at the political credentials: Klein has been a state legislator for the past 18 years, but Koppell has been a state and city legislator for almost three and a half decades, plus he was state attorney general, president of Community School Board 10 in the Bronx, and president of the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club.

    1. Is Andrew Cuomo a Democrat? Then He'll Support Democrat Oliver Koppell Over "Independent" Jeff Klein

      Read more in Huffington Post:

  2. Jeff Klein Snags Teamsters Endorsement:


  3. Do you think Klein might recall how Dinowitz endorsed Klein’s Republican opponent Steve Kaufman back in 2005 when Klein first ran for and won his state Senate seat?

  4. Once again this blog shows it's bias on the klein/Koppell race! No entry on Koppell's announcement on Monday! Instead we get a story from turncoat defector of the Democratic party Tony Avella bashing Koppell. No positive Koppell coverage. at all. I guess this makes this blog the Fox News channel of Bronx politics.

    1. Thank you for your compliment.
      The link was put at the end so anyone could see the entire story, and the Koppell announcement is in Thursday's Riverdale Report column that appears in the Bronx and Parkchester Newspapers.

    2. Also biased against Clifford Stanton.

    3. Well, on the topic of biased coverage, has anyone ever noticed how this blog never has a kind word about local civic leader Anthony P. Cassino? So my question is WHY? Why does Mr. Press pretend that Mr. Cassino is some kind of bogeyman?

    4. If there is a comment Mr. Press doesn't like, he prefers to post it after he puts up a bunch of new stories, so that the comment gets buried one or two pages after the most current page.

    5. 1 - As one parent leader to another I liked Mr. Stanton as a parent leader, but that does not always translate into politics as we saw.
      2 - There was no need to give Cassino any coverage since he was only a stooge of former Mayor Mike Bloomberg as someone who was in the city council also wound up being.
      3 - The world does not stand still.

    6. Wait a minute - When Mike Bloomberg (who was then a Republican) first ran for mayor, I recall that Oliver Koppell and Tony Cassino both endorsed Democrats. In addition, if they were somehow puppets of Mayor Bloomberg, then why did Mr. Koppell and Mr. Cassino run against each other for City Council during Mr. Bloomberg's mayoralty?

      I think that you just don't like Mr. Koppell and Mr. Cassino (both of whom have devoted many years of service to your community). That is why you are so unfriendly and one-sided when you mention them.

    7. Mayor Bloomberg hated Councilman Oliver Koppell with a passion.
      Tony Cassino was appointed a commissioner of the Charter Revision Commission that suggested that the will of the people who created term limits be overturned to allow for a third term.
      Then Councilman Koppell ran with the idea proposing it to the council, and Oliver's friends like Larry Seabrook saw it as an opportunity for 4 more years to get whatever they could before the getting was gone.
      Just look at all the city council members who have been indicted most recently Councilman Willis of Queens.
      The Oliver Koppell class of city council members are in a rouges gallery including Oliver's good friend Larry Seabrook.
      There is lots more to say about the Oliver & Larry show, and I am sure another good buddy of Koppell's will spill the beans.
      Also in politics you never know who you may need to vote for a piece of legislation that you are sponsoring. The state senate is a whole different animal then the city council, and Jeff Klein has mastered it.
      That's it for now, but don't ask for something you may regret seeing.

    8. See, that's just your bias distorting things again about men who have made important contributions to New York.

      I don't know what Michael R. Bloomberg feels in this heart about G. Oliver Koppell, but hatred with a passion probably is not it. Early in the Bloomberg Administration, it is true that Mr. Koppell was sometimes a vocal critic. But in later years, their relationship improved a lot. Not only did Mr. Koppell end up endorsing Mr. Bloomberg, the two campaigned together, appeared at bill signings together, and even toured Mr. Koppel's district together.

      Regarding the rogues gallery, being part of a City Council that had some criminals on it does not make Mr. Koppell in any way corrupt. As his biography rightly notes, Mr. Koppell is the former chief law enforcement officer of New York State.

      In addition, you are confused about the Charter Revision Commission. The newspapers all reported that Anthony Perez Cassino strongly supported the limit of two terms. They also reported that he was one of three commissioners to sign a minority report against leaving a temporary loophole that allowed a third term for some incumbents.

      Before posting bad things you should get your facts right.

    9. As to the Bloomberg - Koppell supposed love fest, why was it then that Oliver Koppell was cut out from the picture taken with the mayor on the Spuyten Dyvil Metro North Station in 2009?
      I never said Oliver Koppell was in any way corrupt, but tell us just what Oliver Koppell did when his fellow corrupt council members were being arrested and found guilty over his 12 years in the city council?
      Mr. Cassino supported two terms after the law was changed to three terms by Bloomberg and Koppell.
      You may not want to hear the reason Mr. Cassino tried to eliminate a third term for those who were grandfathered into a third term in office, one being Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.
      Why not post your real name and not go under anonymous so people know who you are and can see just who knows more about the facts.
      I would say only a handful of people may know more than me, and you are not one of them unless you are married to him.

  5. The blog's biggest bias is that it publishes anything and everything positive about Ruben Diaz, Jr. for no real reason since the guy is just a ribbon cutter without executive power..