Saturday, May 3, 2014

Klein Secures 100,000 Dollar For Emerald Isle 'Meals on Wheels' Program

  Senator Jeff Klein standing in front of the Emerald Isle Immigration Center located in the Woodlawn section of the Bronx announced that he has secured an amount of $100,000.00 for the centers Meals on Wheels program. Now the program may not only continue, but increase its outreach to seniors in need from 20 to up to 40 hot lunches to local seniors every day. 
  Senator Klein said that the Emerald Isle's Meals on Wheels program provides an invaluable service to seniors in the Woodlawn community, and that was why he helped secure the money not only to continue the program, but to expand it to even more seniors in need.
  The Meals on Wheels program was launched in 2011 thanks to a grant by Senator Klein, and with this years funding the program can be expanded to cover many more needed meals to other seniors said Siobhan Dennehy the Executive Director of the Emerald Isle Immigration Center.


Left - Senator Klein speaks about the much needed services that the Emerald Isle Immigration Center provides.
Right - Siobhan Dennehy the Executive Director of the Emerald Isle Immigration Center thanks Senator Klein for his funding.


Left - Senator Klein poses with volunteers who help on the Meals on Wheels program.
Right - It was time to load up the van to deliver the Meals.


  1. Look at today's New York Times article about Oliver Koppell running against the incumbent state senator Jeffrey Klein:

    Cooperation With G.O.P. Puts Senator in a Primary

  2. It's official: Oliver Koppell launches Democratic primary challenge to state Sen. Jeff Klein

    Read more:

  3. This is a reply to both comments (whom I know may have sent them).
    First - I had it in my Bronx News column this past Thursday that Oliver Koppell was going to run against State Senator Jeff Klein.
    I also quote Oliver as saying that he admits he has little chance of beating Senator Klein (yes Lorraine he did say it to me, you were not there), but that he was going to run on his principals, and he also said that Senator Klein needs to be taken out for keeping the Republicans in charge in the state senate.
    I have admired Oliver Koppell in the past, and have fought with him when he was School Board 10 President, and I was the President of the School District's President's Council.
    Unfortunately Oliver Koppell does not know when to call it a day. Two years ago when I asked him is he would run for the position of Public Advocate his wife said that Oliver will be retiring from politics when he is term limited out, but she now says he has changed his mind.
    By the way where did Koppell make this announcement, and what elected officials or notable supporters were with him?

  4. Mr. Press,
    Thinking about dream candidates for the District 34 seat in the State Senate, all of the the following gentlemen have strengths and weaknesses in terms of experience, ability and outlook:
    Which one would you prefer, and in what order would you rank them and why?

    1. The last three are not running for the 34th State Senate seat. Oliver Koppell has said that he wanted to support Jeff Dinowitz for the 34th State Senate Seat.
      So with 3 not running, and the one opponent wanting to support someone else it looks like only Jeff Klein is taking this race seriously, and he wants to continue the job that he is doing. In my opinion Senator Klein is much better then anyone listed or any of the people that were elected to the State Senate with him.

  5. Thank you Senator Klein for supporting such a wonderful Bronx program!