Monday, May 12, 2014


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This came in an e-mail from Koppellforsenate@gmail.
I am sure this will generate many replies.

  Candidate Oliver Koppell demanded Republican-enabling Jeff Klein forgo any attempt at securing the Republican ballot line in the 2014 elections.

In 2012, Jeff Klein simultaneously ran for re-election to the state senate as a Democrat and a Republican. After the 2012 election, even though Democrats earned an outright majority, Klein defected, empowering the Senate Republican Conference in exchange for a Leadership position, more member item money and an increased staff payroll.

Recent reports indicate Klein has decided to decline to run on the Republican line for the 2014 election. However, even if Jeff Klein initially refuses the line there is another option for Klein and his Republican allies. They could gather petitions for a "placeholder" candidate who could then be replaced on the ballot in favor of Mr. Klein following his defeat in September Democratic primary.

“Jeff Klein has proven he will say anything to win election, but then will do something completely different after the election to empower himself and disenfranchise Democratic voters” stated Senate Candidate Oliver Koppell. "If Jeff Klein believes his rejection of the Democratic Party benefits New Yorkers, then why is he now making such a show of rejecting the Republican ballot line this year?  Is it because Klein’s political ally, former Bronx Republican Chairman Jay Savino, is going to federal prison for trying to sell the Republican ballot line to Klein’s other political ally Malcolm Smith?  Malcolm Smith will stand trial next month, but neither Klein nor Savino have ever explained why or how Savino authorized Klein to receive the Republican ballot line in 2012.  Democrats have a right to know what Klein promised and what Savino got in exchange.”

“No good Democrat would ever dream of running as both a Democrat and Republican.  Given the damage Klein’s sleazy backroom deal has caused to progressive concerns, what would be more appropriate is for Klein to run as a Republican in 2014 and to turn down the Democratic line, since he is a traitor to the Democratic Party, and has delivered nothing more than half-measures and broken promises" Koppell concluded.

Oliver Koppell has served the voters of New York as a State Assemblyman, New York City Councilmember and as State Attorney General. While in the City
York.  Prior to serving as the 61st Attorney General for the State of New York, Mr. Koppell represented the residents of the Bronx in the State Assembly where he was the Chair of the Judiciary Committee. Following his service in the State Assembly, Oliver Koppell was elected to the New York City Council where he served from 2002 to 2013.

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  2. Some important questions raised here that deserve some answers and possibly an investigation. Klein is a disgrace to all Democrats and the fact that the Bronx machine is backing him is equally disgraceful. Diaz Jr and Heastie should be ashamed of themselves! Do they not care about the issues that matter to their constituents? Issues like the Dream Act, campaign finance reform and stronger rent protections! My gut feeling is that some of these Brons pols that are backing him are doing so out of fear. Where is their moral courage? You know who you are! Stand up for your principles! Klein obviously has the power and money to get what he wants. He is nothing more than a big bully and like all bullys he needs to be taught a lesson! Let's hope Oliver Koppell teaches this bully the lesson of a lifetime in September!