Monday, May 5, 2014

Riverdale Avenue Festival 2014

  There may have been a threat of rain and some gusts of wind, but that did not stop hundreds of people from enjoying the Riverdale Avenue Street Festival. Riverdale Avenue from West 236th Street to West 238th Street was closed to traffic Sunday so people could enjoy the many activities that were planned. As you will see in the photos below a stage was set up where various local talent performed, the NYPD brought their Rock climbing wall, a Bouncy Castle was set up for kids to enjoy, and many other various attractions for people to enjoy.
  The elected officials were on hand as always but as the time went on the rain clouds did wind up opening up at the end of the festival. All the rain did was to make the clean up faster and if you returned to Riverdale Avenue for diner that night you wondered about all the excitement that took place as the street was dry shortly after the downpour. Credit goes to Mario the owner of Salvetore's of Soho and Yo Burger, along with KRVDC Executive Director Tracy Shelton, and the many others who helped make the Riverdale Avenue Festival the success it was. 


Left - The Bouncy castle is being set up.
Right - Children from the Riverdale Rising Stars are performing.


Left - The balloon man who made different things and animals from balloons.
Right - The NYPD rock climbing wall.

Left - Stilt Walker Stephine Sine.
Right - The ladies from Curves are at their table.

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