Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Great State Senate Yogurt Debate According to Senator Liz Kruger


  On her Facebook page  State Senator Liz Kruger gives her reason for looking silly on the issue of making Yogurt the states official snack food. The legislation was introduced by State Senator Michael Ranzenhofer of Erie County after being suggested by fourth grade students in Senator Ranzenhofer’s district. State Senator Ranzenhofer represents a district in upstate Western New York. Western New York is where the bulk of yogurt is produced in New York, and Governor Cuomo recently hailed New York as the number one producer of yogurt in the nation. 

  Senator Kruger admits to looking silly on the issue, and gives two reasons why on her Facebook page. First she agrees with the late night talk hosts that commented how silly the debate was, and then takes a swipe at the current state senate leadership. Senator Kruger ends this Facebook posting by saying don't be surprised if I take my colleague Sen. DeFrancisco up on his offer to debate his bill making the wood frog the "official state amphibian" next week.

  If we go back into State Senate history only a few year ago we can remember the "Good Ole Days" of Democratic control of the state senate. Democrats such as Carl Cruger, (no relation to Liz Kruger), Hiram Montserrat, Shirley Huntley John Sampson, Pedro Espada, and Malcolm Smith. The last three all holding leadership roles that Senator Liz Kruger supported. Just shut up and eat some yogurt Senator Kruger!


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