Thursday, June 26, 2014

Is Oliver Koppell Withdrawing Today at 2 PM

  34th State Senate candidate Oliver Koppell has scheduled a press conference for today at 2 PM outside the campaign office of State Senator Jeff Klein to argue that the IDC has harmed Bronx voters. However after what has happened in Albany between the IDC and Governor Cuomo where Senator Klein and the governor have jointly announced that the IDC will be joining senate Democrats for a co-leadership role some are questioning what Koppell will say.

  Candidate Koppell also fired his Robert Byrd Akleh, campaign manager for comments that were anti-Israel and for other comments against Governor Cuomo.  I would suspect that candidate Oliver Koppell is going to withdraw, and support Senator Klein now that the IDC will be joining with senate Democrats.   I would expect the same from IDC member challenger Tony Avella's challenger John Liu.

Check back later for what happened at the Koppell press conference.

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