Monday, June 30, 2014

News From Councilman Ritchie Torres

  These two items came in from Councilman Ritchie Torres.


WHO              Council Member Ritchie Torres and Vincent Daly, nephew of Thomas A O’Brien

WHAT           The O’Brien Oval is being rededicated to Captain Thomas A. O’Brien. Captain Thomas A. O’Brien grew up at 280 Burnside Avenue, just a few blocks away from the Oval, and served as a Lieutenant in World War I. He was killed in the second battle of the Marne, a month before Armistice. In recognition of  Independence Day, Council Member Torres has arranged for the Parks Department to create a new sign for the park to commemorate Captain O’Brien’s service to our great nation.

WHEN           Tuesday, July 1, 2014 from 11:30 AM

WHERE         O’Brien Oval, on East Tremont Avenue between Valentine Avenue and Webster Avenue


 Adopted Budget includes unprecedented $150 Million Dollar Investment in Public Housing

NYCHA Community and Senior Centers - Housing – $17.1 million dollars

The budget allocates $17 million dollars to keep the doors open at 57 NYCHA run Community and Senior Centers across all 5 boroughs. These centers, which serve approximately 5,000 NYCHA residents daily and employs 160 workers, provides a range of vital services that many New Yorkers have come to see as essential components of their daily life, including public meeting spaces that promote a sense of community and encourage civic engagement, childcare services for working families, meals and outings for Seniors, and safe havens against gang activity for teenagers and other vulnerable youths.
Painters Apprenticeship Program - Housing – $8 million dollars

The Painters Apprenticeship Program (PAP) provides funding to train NYCHA residents as Painters’ Apprentices through classroom instruction and hands-on experience. The PAP program effectively tackles two of the City’s biggest concerns: job creation and public housing viability. It provides NYCHA residents with valuable in-demand skill sets that have already created 280 jobs for NYCHA residents in the last two years, while producing tradesman who are able to help maintain, upkeep and repair portions of the City’s public housing stock.

Member Items for Security Cameras and other Capital Improvements at NYCHA  – $34.98 Million dollars

The City Council has allocated approximately 25 million dollars to various Capital projects around the city, including Council Member initiatives aimed at enhancing security measures at NYCHA developments. Among these, Council Member Ritchie Torres’ $3.4 million dollar investment in security cameras and layered access controls.

City Council  NYCHA Security Investments – $ 10 Million dollars: The City Council allocated $10 million dollars, on top of individuals member items, to further ensure that residents of Public Housing have a safe and secure environment to come home to and to raise their families in. Primarily focused on the installation of security cameras throughout NYCHA developments, these funds address a need NYCHA residents themselves have long demanded.

Citywide NYCHA Crime Prevention-  $19 Million dollars

The Mayor allocated $19 million for a comprehensive, citywide plan to reduce violent crime in NYCHA developments focused on improving community engagement efforts and expanding neighborhood watch and domestic violence outreach teams.  The plan also includes increased access for residents to employment opportunities, benefits assistance, and structured recreation, and mentorship opportunities. 

NYCHA Payment Relief towards NYPD –70 Million dollars

Under the FY 2015 budget, NYCHA is exempted from paying $70 million dollars towards the NYPD for patrolling and law-enforcement activities, which many residents had argued constituted a double payment (after taxes) towards the NYPD. The removal of this fee allows NYCHA to allocate more funds towards addressing the vital repairs and security enhancements that NYCHA residents have long demanded.  

Museum of Natural History Family Science Program-  $100,000 dollars

This program is a partnership with the American Museum of Natural History, and will provide science education to 1,000 families. Families will develop skills for observing and understanding the natural world, encouraging and providing them with resources to engage in scientific exploration.

Green City Force- Workforce Development for NYCHA Youth-  $50,000

This initiative will engage young adult NYCHA residents on six-month environmental projects to educate on sustainability issues and provides critical work experience. The program has been so successful that 80% of program graduates are either placed in jobs or are enrolled in college. 

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