Friday, June 13, 2014

Stop Gun Violence Councilman Andy King

  NYC Council Member Andy King held a “Stop The Gun Violence” press conference on Thursday, June 12th, at 11:30 Baychester Avenue and Boston Rd., Bronx, 10466. Dedicating themselves to reducing the deadly crisis of gun violence, more than 100 public students dressed in orange  -- the official color of Gun Violence Awareness Month (GVAM) -- who took part in the press conference as well as participating in the City Council 12th District clean-up.  In addition to Council Member King and the students, also speaking at the press conference will be Tamika D. Mallory, GVAM Co-Chair; 47th Precinct Deputy Inspector Ruel Stephenson

  The children present attend MS 181, JHS 142, and the Bronx Charter School for Better Learning. There has been a spike in crime in the 12th Council District of Councilman Andy King with 4 shooting resulting in 8 deaths. Cries of 'Save our community', and 'Stop the gun violence' were heard throughout the speeches. 

  When I asked recently promoted Deputy Inspector Stevenson of the 47th precinct about the most recent police policies that Mayor deBlasio said are coming, DI Stevenson could only say that those new strategies  have not been released to the precincts yet. DI Stevenson said that by building bridges with the community, and regaining the community trust would be one of his first priorities right now in the short term. Long term - better relationships with the community that trusts the officers of the 47th precinct. 


Left - Councilman Andy King stands before 100 children who came out to help Councilman King Stop Gun Violence.
Right - Tamika Mallory of GVAM addresses the crowd about some of the costs of gun violence.

Left - Students tell of their personal experiences of friends who have been shot during gun violence.
Right - 47th Precinct commanding officer Deputy Inspector Stevenson reads off some statistics about gun violence. 

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