Thursday, June 26, 2014


  Today at 2 PM Oliver Koppell scheduled an anti-IDC/Jeff Klein rally in front of the Jeff Klein for Senate Headquarters on Williamsbridge Road. What was missing was Oliver Koppell and his supporters, because the only rally to go off in front of the Klein for Senate Headquarters was a pro Klein rally. Starting just before 2 PM Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, and over 100 Klein supporters shouted "Koppell take a hike, Go back to retirement","Koppell is an outsider to this community," and "Jeff Klein is the hardest working senator in New York." This went on for about 20 minutes, and with so many people the police asked that the crowd allow a path for people to get through several times.

  By 3 PM the crowd was asking "Where's Ollie, Where's Ollie?" Oliver Koppell never showed, and this columnist was waiting for Koppell to announce that he was withdrawing from the race now that Senator Klein and the IDC were going to return to work with the Senate Democratic Conference which was one of Koppell's demands. Only time will tell if Koppell stays in the race, because it was Koppell and others who encouraged 33rd State Senate candidate Dan Padernacht in 2010 to withdraw for the good of the Democratic Party. I am sure that Oliver Koppell has already received such calls now that Senator Klein and Governor Coumo have announced that the IDC will no longer share the senate leadership position with the Republican Conference, but will share the senate leadership with the Senate Democratic Conference. 

A crowd of over 100 Jeff Klein supporters were on hand for any Oliver Koppell rally, but Koppell was a no show for a scheduled 2 PM rally.

80 A.D. Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj led the Pro Jeff Klein rally. 

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