Monday, November 17, 2014

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz and Council Member Andrew Cohen at Work for the Community

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz successfully advocated for a long-awaited reduction to the traffic island at the intersection of Van Cortlandt Avenue West and Sedgewick Avenue, a change the NYC Department of Transportation recently agreed to make. The traffic island, which was installed in 2012, juts into the intersection, making left-hand turns from Sedgewick Avenue onto Van Cortlandt Avenue West difficult. The corner of the traffic island is badly scuffed, evidence of the numerous drivers that have hit the island while making a left-hand turn.

Assemblyman Dinowitz first alerted the DOT of this hazard in December of 2012. This fall, Assemblyman Dinowitz and DOT Bronx Borough Commissioner Constance Moran visited the site to inspect the traffic island and other traffic-related issues in the neighborhood. At the conclusion of the site visit, Commissioner Moran agreed to reduce the size of the island in order to facilitate easier and safer turns. The timeline for this project has not yet been announced by the DOT.

“I am pleased that the DOT listened to my request to reduce the size of this traffic island, which has burdened drivers making left-hand turns onto Van Cortlandt Avenue West since its installation in 2012,” said Assemblyman Dinowitz. “I would like to thank Commissioner Moran for taking the time to inspect the site with me this fall, and for taking action to ensure that drivers in Van Cortlandt Village aren’t subjected to an unnecessarily difficult and potentially destructive driving situation.”


Councilman Andy Cohen - Due to several ongoing construction projects in Van Cortlandt Village, there has been a series of street closures and removal of parking that has directly affected many members of the community.

With the construction of the Jerome Park Reservoir, the renovation of Fort Independence Park, the reconstruction of the Cannon Place retaining wall, as well as an addition to a parking facility at St. Patrick’s Home for the Aged, residents have found parking removed from in front of their houses, buildings and in some cases their own driveways.

While nothing can be done to stop the construction work currently taking place, the Department of Transportation has heeded a requested submitted by Council Member Andrew Cohen to install angled parking along the east side of Dickinson Avenue between Sedgewick Avenue and the intersection of Van Cortlandt Park South and West Gunhill Road.

“I would like to thank the Department of Transportation for sympathizing with the community on this issue and quickly installing angled parking along Dickinson Avenue. I know that these additional parking spaces have eased a burden for many residents in Van Cortlandt Village,” said Council Member Andrew Cohen.

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