Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Con Ed at its Best

  As the snow began to fall today, this is what the crosswalk of West 238th Street and Riverdale Avenue looked like as you crossed south. Not only were there openings in the steel metal plates that someone could trip over, but also gaps so that the heel of a shoe could drop into. . Con Edison has been working at this intersection for over a year on and off to put in a new 'High Pressure gas line'. One has to wonder how long does it really take, and why has it taken Con Edison so long? 

Left - Here you see a metal Con Edison plate has shifted to reveal an opening that a heel can get caught in as someone crosses over it. Also since snow and ice form on the metal plate there is an even more hazard of someone falling on these metal plates of Con Edison.

Below - Here you see another gap in the next pair of the Metal Con Edison plates. 

Here is another view looking north as you can see part of the crosswalk markings. 

Here a Con Edison truck is waiting not to pick up the materials and piping on the other side of the street, but to drop off more materials in a spot that is 4 blocks away from where Con Ed is working. Also note the NO STANDING sign that the truck is partially in. 

Taken the day before the snow fell, here is the area where Con Edison has used for storage on West 238th Street taking away up to 5 metered parking spaces, and looks like it will be here for the new year.

Left - The date of completion is 10-6-14.
Right - This date on another barricade has the completion date 12-2-14.

This is the reason Con Edison does not care how long it takes to complete this job. Workers are putting a "Raise Plow' sign on the pole on Riverdale Avenue before West 238th Street so snow plow drivers do not hit and move the Con Edison metal plates in the street. This way the even more dangerous snow covered Con Edison metal plate will not be seen. 
In the event there is an accident I have called this into the city so there is responsibility by the city and Con Edison. I do hope that does not happen.

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