Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cuomo Wins, Senate Dems Loose at the Federal and State Levels.

Above Andrew Cuomo was victorious as the polls predicted, but it was a tighter race than thought with other fallout state wide and nation wide.

  Nation wide in his next two years of being a lame duck President, Barack Obama should have trouble as both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are now in Republican control. What that means for the people will be played out over the next two years. 

   State wide it was the fall of the hopes for Democratic control of the State Senate as Republicans won 32 of the 63 seats for a clear majority. Then there is also Brooklyn Democrat Simca Felder who has caucused with the Republican Conference the past two years. There is no reason now to believe that is going to change. There is also indicted Brooklyn State Senator John Sampson who won his seat back, for now that is. Things look bad for the Senate Democratic Conference as members will look to point fingers and blame others. 

   Things now could look even worse for the five current members of the Independent Democratic Conference led by soon to be former State Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein. Senator Klein came to his victory party at his campaign headquarters on Williamsbridge last night to thank everyone who helped him, but he quickly left after answering some questions by myself and another reporter. To me Senator Klein was not his usual self as I have seen him in the past. He reminded me of the night I was with State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. It was the night Pedro Espada Jr. lost to now State Senator Gustavo Rivera. Diaz Sr. knew five minutes after the polls closed what the outcome would be, and told me "It looks like I am going to loose one of my Amigo friends" referring to Pedro Espada, and the 'Four Amigos' that he was a part of.. Diaz Sr. won, but wound up a loser when the Republicans won back the State Senate after the two short years of Democratic control.

 It was a joyous event for the three victors. State Senator Jeff Klein, Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, and Bronx Supreme Court Judge John A. Barone.
  Senator Klein in a happy and joyous mood, as he thanks his supporters at his campaign Headquarters.

A more subdue Senator Klein as he answers questions from a reporter outside the campaign office as he is about to leave. When Senator Klein told me that the Republicans were going to win three Democratic seats it reminded me of the night I was with Senator Diaz Sr. when the 'Four Amigos' were finished. Senator Klein however said that the IDC is here to stay, and may be adding to its ranks another member.

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